Warner Law Offices is owned and operated by Shane K. Warner.

Prior to starting Warner Law Offices, Shane K. Warner was associate general counsel with a large real estate company.  Mr. Warner’s experience includes:

  • drafting and issuance of private security  transactions
  • advising individuals on tax aspects associated with a 1031 exchange
  • Acquisition of Real Estate;
  • the structuring and implementation of tax and securities compliant structures for private offerings;
  • syndicated tenant’s-in-common offerings.

Prior to his corporate law career, Mr. Warner was a general practitioneer with a local firm in Boise, Idaho, where he gained experience in all aspects of law including:

  • Litigation
  • Real Estate
  • Estate Planning

Mr. Warner is a graduate of Michigan State University College of Law (JD, 2004), with an emphasis in corporate law.  Mr. Warner received a political science degree with a minor in business from Idaho State University (BS, 2001).

Mr. Warner’s legal memberships include:

  • Idaho State Bar
  • American Bankruptcy Institute
  • American Bar Association (“ABA”)
  • ABA Real Property, Trust and Estate law
  • ABA Section of Taxation
  • ABA Section of Business Law

One Response to “About”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    Shane I have some questions regarding the new tax credits for first time homebuyers. While these new laws stand to benefit me finacially, I am confused on a few key points (timelines for ownership, etc) and my taxes (due today by theway) have yet to make it in mail!! Can you help??

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